Best Step Social Media Strategy for your Business

5 best Step Social Media Strategy for your Business

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Best Step Social Media Strategy for your Business . Do you have a clearly defined social media strategy for marketing your business on the internet? Using social media is one of the best ways to get attention, share your content and build traffic back to your own website provided you have a plan! Even people who have no interest in ‘surfing the net’ are using social media to stay in touch with family and friends or even to get late breaking news! The point is just about everybody uses these online social communities therefore they are an excellent place to find all the traffic you need for marketing your business!

Let’s now discuss a simple 5 step strategy you can use for ‘connecting’ with others in these online communities in a way that will help you more effectively build your business!


It’s important to understand that although you are excited about marketing your business, you do need to ‘ease’ your way into these communities! Nobody really cares about what you do or offer, at least not yet, so focus on simply joining in on existing conversations! Listen carefully to what others are talking about and than try to add value to it with any comments you make! This is the best way to gain the attention of others without ‘forcing’ yourself on people!


Once you’ve gain the attention and therefore the acceptance of people, now is the time to keep their attention with engaging comments, insights or even relevant quotes! Here too you want to stay focused on what the others are interested in and don’t try to change the subject or dominate the conversation! When you do decide to share your content, that is information relevant to your business, do so when it’s most appropriate but do NOT be pushy or overly repetitive with your efforts!


Once you become more accepted within the community, now is the time to ‘sort’ out those who are most likely to have an interest in what you do! Once again you must be mindful that when using social media, it is best NOT to focus too much attention on marketing your business, no matter how comfortable others may be with you! People are using these sites not to be sold something but rather to simply enjoy casual conversations and news with like-minded others! Too much promoting will turn people away making your ‘voice’ an annoyance or even creating feelings of resentment!

Share Links

When you do share your content be sure it contains a link back to your site thus allowing people to make the choice to click on it or not! Along these same lines when establishing your presence as one who contributes ‘value’ to the conversation, take the opportunity to also share links to ‘things’ in which people have already shown an interest! Whether it is something you said or links you share, if it’s interesting to others you’ll gain a reputation for being a good source to find out more about the subject!


Once people land on your site after clicking on a link the rules of ‘engagement’ start all over again! Marketing your business within any of the social communities is virtually worthless to you IF your business site does NOT contain subject-matter that can keep ‘new’ visitors engaged! The point is unless you have something to offer, there’s little reason to drive traffic to your website or blog! At this critical stage you must learn how to ‘manage’ new arrivals so they become return visitors and even customers of yours!

Best Step Social Media Strategy for your Business

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Having a social media strategy for marketing your business is quite different from simply connecting with others for the sole purpose of making new friends! When you are using social media for business building purposes your intentions and actions MUST not be obvious or you will scare many people away! The fact is you need a preconceived plan with clearly defined steps & goals, such as discussed above, that will allow you to make connections, share your content and ‘compel’ others to visit your site! Of course once these people do visit your website it is up to you to once again captivate and engage them so they will return! With so much going on within these social communities, if you do not know what you want to achieve or how to do so when marketing your business, you’ll be wasting a lot of your time! The 5 step strategy discussed above offers clearly defined objectives to keep you focused and productive when working within the chaotic environment of any social community online!

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