Deciding On Trade Show Booths

Decide What Your Intention Is Before Deciding On Trade Show Booths

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Deciding On Trade Show Booths . Trade show booths Toronto can be anything from the generic and uninspiring cubicles that are normally provided by the event organizers to completely unique and inspiring designs. Very often what is important is not how much money is spent but whether the design suits the end result that has to be achieved.

Some companies have the money and intention to create trade show booths that make a strong statement simply in their appearance. The message that is conveyed about the brand is the most important concern and in these cases there will normally be numerous opportunities for promotion. For a small company that may only ever exhibit at one event it does not make as much sense to invest in custom made designs but there are still many ways to create the right impact.

The kind of interaction that is expected to take place is also a major consideration. Some products might require a lot of verbal marketing and an environment that is suited to one on one interaction would be preferred, where people feel comfortable and are easily approachable. At other times the brand alone might be what is being promoted and this can benefit from large screens, bold graphics and features that grab attention.

There are many options that are available from modular units and these can still create a unique impression while still being reasonably priced. Many of them create solid shapes by stretching fabric over lightweight frameworks and there are endless options for customization using full color printing. Different units can be combined to create the desired effect and spot lighting and internal lighting can have a dramatic effect.

Many different configurations can also be created with truss systems and these structural frameworks be interesting parts of the design or they can be covered with stretch fabric to define space or even be used as projector screens. The best part is that they can be broken down into compact and light weight segments that can be easily transported and stored. Very simple tent designs can also be highly effective at a low cost.

What type of trade show booths are required is also very dependent on the kind of product that is being promoted. You might need a large space that invites participation for products that benefit from interaction to be displayed properly. At other times the product itself does not necessarily need to be seen and what is needed is information that is available in brochures or perhaps via video.

If there are going to be demonstrations then it might be better to have a counter at the front that exhibitors can work on. In other circumstances you may want to have an open space to attract people in with a homely and comfortable interior that will invite direct conversations.

Deciding On Trade Show Booths

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Whether the trade show booths are large or small it is best to keep all the components as unified as possible. All the furniture and accessories should reflect the same style and the use of color should be simple and reflect the corporate identity. Although the intention is to attract attention it should also be immediately clear what you are offering.

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