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Feel Good Using Direct mail marketing campaign and Still Be EcoFriendly

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Direct mail marketing campaign . Direct mail marketing has been around for a long time. The idea that a company can market one on one keeps it a popular form of advertising. It is also an effective means of contact for small businesses in particular. With this being the age of “going green” it is still possible to use this marketing tool and feel good about it.

Some people think that direct mail is a complete waste of our natural resources and causes the destruction our forest and many other natural resources. Did you know that mail is made from a renewable resource? The vast majority of paper produced in America today comes from trees grown for that specific purpose. The forest industry ensures that the number of trees each year is increasing, so trees are not a depleting resource. In fact, forest land in the United States has increased by 5.3 million acres in the past three decades.

Another interesting fact: studies show more than 70% of Americans shop direct. Direct mail is therefore a green way to shop. If Americans replaced two trips to the mall each year with shopping by catalog, we’d reduce our number of miles driven by 3.3 billion–a 3 billion pound reduction in carbon dioxide and a savings of $650 million on gas alone.

The production of household advertising mail consumes only 0.19% of the energy used in the United States. That number is total energy used, from recycling materials to the cost to print. Those are some spectacular numbers.

Did you know that mail represents only 2.4% of America’s municipal waste stream?

Want an even “greener” direct marketing idea? If you use a direct mail company that recycles left over material for your direct mail marketing that can make a bigger impact on waste production. For those companies that have the ability, try incorporating web-to-print advertising. By printing material as it is needed there is zero waste involved.

When it comes to the advantages of using direct mail marketing as part of a well rounded campaign, here is a fact to remember. Direct mail is critical to the economic well-being of communities, businesses and charities throughout the United States. With small businesses being the backbone of most local economies that says a lot.

Non-profit organizations raised nearly $200 billion from generous donors through direct mail . Even though the amount raised per person by direct mail marketing is smaller, the total amounts are higher than by any other means. Imagine how many social programs that help those in need would shutter their doors without direct mail marketing?

Finally, did you know that more than 80% of U.S. households read some or all of their advertising mail? What other type of marketing tool can reach a consumer with that kind of coverage?

Not bad for a time tested marketing method.

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Why your business should consider direct mail marketing as part of your advertising campaign ?

In today’s digital world, direct mail marketing might seem old-fashioned, but it can be a powerful weapon in your advertising arsenal. Here’s why your business should consider it:

Cuts Through the Noise: People are bombarded with digital ads and emails that often get ignored or deleted. Physical mail, on the other hand, has a higher chance of getting noticed and actually looked at [source: Forbes].

Boosts Engagement: A well-designed mailer can be more engaging than a digital ad. You can use high-quality visuals, personalized messages, and even unique textures to grab attention and make a lasting impression [source: United GMG].

Targeted Reach: Direct mail allows for precise targeting. You can select recipients based on demographics, interests, and buying habits, ensuring your message reaches the most relevant audience [source: Design Distributors].

Strengthens Brand Identity: A well-crafted mailer can act as a tangible representation of your brand. The quality of the paper, the design, and even the scent can all contribute to a positive brand perception [source: Proactive Marketing].

Complements Digital Efforts: Direct mail can work wonders when combined with digital marketing campaigns. A mailer can introduce a new promotion, and a QR code or website address can direct recipients to a landing page for more details [source: Stride Creative Group].

Direct mail isn’t a magic bullet, but it can be a strategic way to reach your target audience, boost engagement, and strengthen your brand.

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