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Direct mail marketing : Database Management and Digital Print Recipe For Success

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Direct mail marketing. Karl Monroe sat at his computer catching up on his emails while having his first cup of coffee for the day. A friend had sent him an email linking him to an article by Marketing Powers Activate. The friend included a message that said “I saw this and chuckled. It reminded me of you.”

Karl read the article and knew his friend was right. The article was a reflection of how Karl did his marketing.

Karl Monroe Injury Lawyers is a law firm dedicated to seeking justice for injury victims throughout the state. Karl has found that uniting direct mail with database management and digital print is a winning combination for his organization. Sometimes his marketing is a call to action, other times the marketing is to keep the company name in the minds of the public. It is important to him that his marketing strategies are reaching as many people as possible. He keeps abreast of any changes in his clientele base by thorough database management. Not only does his staff keep diligent records, he uses an all inclusive mail house and marketing firm to keep up with address changes and postal regulations.


Direct mail marketing remains a valuable tool in which businesses are able to convey a message to a customer base. The visual impact of a postcard, letter or catalog delivered to someone’s doorstep makes good marketing sense. Having a physical reminder of a company’s existence in a consumer’s hand gives that company an advantage over other businesses offering the same services. The advantage is psychological. Most of us only look for help when a situation arises. When that happens we scramble to find a company that can assist us. We can ask friends and family or use the internet to locate one, but which one do we choose? By using direct mail to market your services you give potential clients the ability to remember your company and have your contact information readily at hand.

In order to use direct mail efficiently, developing and maintaining a database list is vital. In order for that customer base to remain current and effective, database management is required. A well set up and maintained database can provide many benefits. But the usefulness of a database depends entirely on what types of information you include in it. This will ensure that the people or companies on your list are deliverable. That is, the mailings you produce using your list will get where you want them to go – into the hands of the individual who is most likely to respond to your offer.

Digital printing is rapidly replacing traditional offset print for many forms of print marketing. This symbolizes more than a production change. It signifies a radical marketing move. This move is taking place because digital print tools enable marketers to produce material and manage their documents in ways not possible or cost-effective with offset. Digital print technologies are reshaping print marketing by changing cost structures, changing document management models, and driving customization and personalization.

A personalized piece of direct mail sent to the recipient’s place of business or home is one on one contact. As with any other type of relationship, speaking directly to someone is an important ingredient to that relationship. Direct mail marketing can be used to introduce yourself, offer an existing client a special offer or thank a client for their interest or business. That’s what Karl Monroe Injury Lawyers offers, a one on one experience.

Karl uses digital print in his direct mailing for three reasons: personalization, image quality and the ability to order material sized to his specifications. A gregarious man with an attention to detail, he uses these traits in his profession as an attorney and his relationship with his clients. His ads are as bold and forthright as he is. When doing business with a client he speaks with them in a friendly manner, one on one. He does the same with his direct mail postcards. Each postcard is designed so that it is not only addressed to the person by name, but on each card he can have the recipient’s name printed as a salutation or within the body of his message.

All that technology and work may not come cheaply when mailing out tens of thousands of postcards as his firm does. However, Karl believes that the cost is worth it. His ROI remains consistently high. And in his own words: “I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t see excellent results”.

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How successful is direct mail?

Direct mail can be surprisingly successful compared to digital marketing channels. Here are some stats to consider:

Higher response rates: Direct mail boasts an average response rate of 4.4%, which is 36 times greater than email marketing [source: Canada Post].

Stronger ROI: The median return on investment (ROI) for direct mail is around 29%, making it one of the top performing marketing channels [source: Lbox Communications].

Cuts through the digital clutter: Physical mail stands out in an increasingly digital world, grabbing attention more easily than another email [source: Forbes].

However, it’s important to remember that direct mail success depends on various factors like targeting and design. It can also be more expensive than digital marketing.

Overall, direct mail remains a viable marketing tool, especially when used strategically as part of a multichannel approach.

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