Dissecting the company business strategy

Dissecting the company business strategy

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Dissecting the company business strategy. Strategy is a tool for achieving company goals in relation to long-term goals, follow-up programs, as well as resource allocation priorities.  A company can develop strategies to overcome external threats and seize existing opportunities.  The process of analyzing, formulating and evaluating strategies is called strategic planning.  The purpose of strategic planning is for the company to be able to look objectively at the company’s internal and external conditions so that it can anticipate changes in the company’s external environment.

Three types of strategy

In principle, strategy can be divided into three types of strategy namely, management strategy, investment strategy and business strategy.  Management strategy includes strategies that can be carried out by management with an orientation towards developing company strategy at a macro level such as product development strategy, price competition strategy, market development strategy, acquisition strategy and others.  Investment strategy emphasizes the investment itself.  For example, whether the company wants to pursue an aggressive growth strategy or slow down.  Business strategy is often also called functional strategy because it relates to management functions in a company such as marketing strategy, production strategy, operational strategy or distribution strategy, organizational strategy and  others.

Strategic planning is the process of creating long-term plans.  Before determining viable strategic alternatives, strategic planners must evaluate and review the company’s vision and mission.  After that, the next steps can be carried out.  Strategic planning at the company’s macro level must be able to answer challenges at the company’s macro level, such as determining what business strategy will be developed, what business will be released, what business will be maintained.  To determine this, an analysis of competitive advantage with competitors is needed.  Strategies at the macro level are crucial and very important because they determine strategies at lower levels.

Business strategies at lower levels are usually called  strategic business units .  There are four characteristics of this SBU, namely:

1. have a clear mission and strategy

2. produce products or services in accordance with the company’s mission

3. The products and services produced are specific

4. know competitors in the market


The most important thing in the business analysis process is knowing the information available in a business case, then analyzing the business case that occurred and then looking for solutions or actions to be taken to solve the business case itself. Dissecting the company business strategy

Basically there is a business case analysis framework which can be simplified as follows:

1. The direction of the analysis

2. Description of the business itself

3. Description of the company organization

4. Evaluate all departments and strategies

5. Provide alternative solutions

In business, the vision, mission and goals of the company as well as the problems faced by the company are all evaluated.  Sometimes the problems faced in making an analysis are a strategy that has changed, weak company management, an inappropriate organizational structure, inadequate employee competency, ineffective planning and so on.

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One of the business analyzes is a SWOT analysis.  This analysis is based on the company’s ability to maximize its strengths, be able to read and exploit opportunities (Opportunities) and be able to minimize the company’s weaknesses (Weakness) and be able to overcome existing threats (Threats).  This SWOT analysis can be carried out to analyze both the internal side of the company and the external side of the company.

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