Getting Your Audience to Open Your Emails

Getting Your Audience to Open Your Emails

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Invoke a Little Secrecy : Getting Your Audience to Open Your Emails

Getting Your Audience to Open Your Emails . Whether you’re discounting certain mystery items or asking a question that may only be answered by delving into your web pages, creating a certain sense of the unknown as to what is out there is a great way to fascinate your audience. Often times, a little bit of mystery stirs some excitement into an otherwise straightforward email offer, spelling out the 10% discount or weekend special, stirring genuine curiosity about what you have to tell them.

Like the popular mystery novels and classic whodunit scenarios, readers are enthralled by the excitement of solving the mystery. Similarly in the email marketing realm, effective email campaigns will incorporate graphics and images chalk full of textures and visual appeal, allowing audiences to get a charge out of wanting to figure out the secret and naturally feeling compelled to follow through with your call to action. As an added bonus, they may also feel special in that they are part of an elite group of subscribers that are being valued by being privy to the secret communication.

Take It Home with Imagery

Imagery can invoke a wide range of emotions and appeal to many different sensories, to really add depth to email communications and drive home an email campaign. Images have the unique ability to convey emotions and speak volumes without lengthy words, by drawing on audiences’s emotional, physical and psychological responses to visual fields.

For instance, an email simply discussing a summer vacation offer at a beachfront cabana in words, compared to an email with a stunning image of a seaside terrace with two wine glasses perfectly arranged to watch the sunset, is likely to evoke different reactions, wherein the second appeals more strongly to the imagination of those looking to have a little romantic escape, and maybe even goes a step further to give an audience member an idea that they wouldn’t have come up with given mere text on an email. Images end up allowing audiences to put their own personal spin on the response they are gaining from any given email message… it becomes really personal and nurtures the business asset, which is the unique relationship with said subscriber based on trust in your content.

However, it is noteworthy to discuss the touchy arena of image-heavy email communications that may easily get into trouble for seeming somewhat “spammy.” In the past, spam filters would isolate and remove emails that had too many images or really large graphics thought to be masking their true spammy content with appealing graphics. But, the more knowledgeable email marketers become about how to best set up their email promotions and newsletters with effective imagery incorporation, the more their emails are likely to improve their overall click though rates, while avoiding spam traps.

Avoiding Spam Traps

Some helpful ways to avoid spam traps are simple, really! Host great content. Send material that your subscribers are interested in receiving from you and get them engaged, because the more engaged your audiences are, the more you will not only improve your open and click rates, but you will likely avoid spam filters fishing for image heavy emails with a positive subscriber response. Another tidbit is to send regularly… set up routine, systematic, useful email offers that users are excited to receive in their inboxes, there again, securing a stable audience engagement and bypassing any spam issues.

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Because in the end, we all know that pictures speak volumes and enhance the overall appeal of any campaign to drive home your personal and business’s marketing efforts in churning out profits and securing repeat business.

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