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7 SOP Packaging Quality Control procedures that you need to know

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SOP Packaging Quality Control . Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Packaging Quality Control are documents that explain the steps and procedures that must be followed in monitoring the quality of packaging materials used to package products.  This SOP includes quality checks, requirements, and standards that must be adhered to in the packaging process to ensure that the products produced meet the established quality standards. 


This SOP aims to define steps and procedures to ensure product packaging quality is maintained and meets established standards.


This SOP applies to all product packaging processes at [Company Name].

Procedure: SOP Packaging Quality Control

1. Packaging Material Inspection:

Perform a visual inspection of the packaging material before use to ensure there is no damage, defects or contaminants.

Check the dimensions, thickness and strength of the packaging material to ensure it meets the specified specifications.

Test packaging materials to ensure they meet chemical and microbiological requirements.

Record the results of inspections and tests in the form provided.

Packaging materials that do not meet standards must be rejected and returned to the supplier.

2. Packaging Machine Preparation:

Clean and disinfect packaging machines before use.

Calibrate the packaging machine according to established procedures.

Make sure all packaging machine settings comply with the specifications of the product to be packaged.

Record all packaging machine preparation activities in a logbook.

3. Packaging Process:

Put the product into the packaging carefully to avoid damage.

Make sure the packaging seal is tightly closed and does not leak.

Perform a visual inspection of the packaged product to ensure there is no damage or contamination.

Weigh the packaged product to ensure the weight meets specifications.

Record the results of product inspection and weighing in the form provided.

4. Finished Product Quality Control:

Take samples of finished products randomly for quality testing.

Perform testing on finished products to ensure they meet physical, chemical and microbiological requirements.

Record the test results in the form provided.

Finished products that do not meet standards must be separated and must not be distributed.

5. Documentation:

All documents related to packaging quality control must be stored neatly and easily accessible.

Records and forms of inspection, test and examination results must be retained for a minimum of [Retention Period].

6. Responsibilities:

Quality Responsible Person: Responsible for the implementation and supervision of this SOP.

Operator: Responsible for carrying out tasks in accordance with this SOP.

7. Review and Revision:

This SOP must be reviewed and revised periodically at least every [Review Period].

SOP revisions must be made based on changes in regulatory requirements, product needs, and the results of evaluating the effectiveness of the SOP.


This SOP is an example and can be adapted to suit company needs.

Be sure to complete this SOP with the required forms and logbook.

Conduct training for all employees involved in the packaging process regarding this SOP.

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National Standardization Body (BSN)

Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM)

Indonesian Plastic Packaging Industry Association (APPI)

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