Unique factors that cause the success of your blog

3 Unique factors that cause the success of your blog

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Unique factors that cause the success of your blog

Unique factors that cause the success of your blog. Achieving blog success starts and ends with developing reader loyalty! How you do this typically involves writing content visitors find relevant to their interest along with being unique in some way! The uniqueness you display is what initially attracts visitors but from that point a successful blog is one that continues to offer content worth returning to view and this is where loyalty develops!

Let’s now review 3 factors that lead directly to the development of a successful blog and how your uniqueness serves to boost your efforts!

How Often You Update

Well this is COMPLETELY up to you but of course you know there are ‘industry norms’ that are advocated by many! On the other hand how often you post updates to your site is an individual choice and one that requires serious consideration! Blogging involves a certain commitment since it can take a while to build a strong following! Writing content does and will take time and effort therefore it is best to choose a posting frequency you can ‘live with’ and maintain! Even though many ‘preach and teach’ frequent posting is necessary if you can at least maintain a consistent posting schedule there’s no reason you can’t have a successful blog!

Your Delivery Style

Whether you’re more comfortable simply delivering news and industry updates or you’re more satirical in the way deliver your content you must learn to GO WITH IT! Remember it’s you and NOT somebody else who’ll be investing the time and effort when writing content! Your objective here is to choose whatever style is most comfortable for you giving you the best chances of maintaining your effort and commitment! Being unique in this area most often is an asset which helps build the loyalty you’re looking for simply because you are different! Above all else however always aim to be understood when writing content or your efforts will be wasted!

Site Layout

Countless studies have been done and opinions have been offered as to the ‘best’ way to present your platform! Talk about easy on the eyes font colors and backgrounds have been offered, I myself included insofar as advocating these middle of the road, universally accepted standards! But why the heck should you care especially if you’re more comfortable marching to the beat of a different drummer! The point is that if you’re comfortable in your own skin, and you should be, then stay the course! If you’re different than STAY DIFFERENT and this goes for your choice in how you lay out your site! The audience you’re targeting is all that matters and if your layout is appealing to them it is likely yours will be a successful blog!

Unique factors that cause the success of your blog
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Conclution from 3 Unique factors that cause the success of your blog

Your blog success will ultimately be determined by the amount of returning visitors your site has! Simply attracting traffic is not enough although it is the necessary first step and your being unique will help you to do this! Over and above simply getting traffic to your site a blogger MUST maintain a consistent schedule of writing content in order to keep people coming back! Ultimately the measure of any successful blog is the loyal readership it has, and as our discussion above points out, being unique is a great way to attract attention! After that it’s up to your dedication as to whether you can keep them returning!

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