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What is Direct Mail : A Great Way for Small and Medium Businesses to Market Themselves

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Understanding What is Direct Mail (DM)

What is Direct Mail. Direct Mail is a cost-effective way for companies to get in touch with their customers and potential customers and sell to them. People who don’t really understand direct mail might know it as Junk Mail – but it’s come on a long way since those days. The best direct mail campaigns speak to each recipient in a very personal and meaningful way and are no longer ‘scattergun’ campaigns that send the same message to everyone.

DM campaigns can take one of many forms, with postcards, leaflets, brochures and catalogues still being the most common – and they are sent with the aim of either communicating a specific message or getting the receiver to take an action (usually to buy something).

It’s traditionally been the domain of larger organisations who have the resources to dedicate lots of people and money to sending out DM campaigns. The good news for smaller businesses is that these days, there’s a lot of help out there from direct mail providers and print management companies, many of whom can advise and manage your direct mailing project for you.

That means even the smallest companies who want to communicate directly with their customers can have the resources to do so.

What about Digital?

Many companies turn first to digital methods of communicating with customers. Obviously, digital methods are cheap, but marketers are finding they’re becoming increasingly crammed with lots of companies competing for their customer’s attention (because it’s so cheap!) Interestingly, there’s also a lot of research indicating that for the young and the old (and many people in between) the personal touch of having a piece of printed material posted and addressed directly to them is more meaningful to them. They like it. And, importantly, they are also more likely to respond to it and buy something from it!

Personalised Messages and Printing : What is Direct Mail

One key to the effectiveness of direct mailing items is that the sender can tailor the contents of the printed mailer to appeal to each individual customer. This means that, in theory at least, the customer should open a piece of mail that speaks directly to them. This in turn should increase the effectiveness of the mailer and resultant response rate from the customer.

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Data, Print, Mailing

There’s a few components to making a successful DM campaign. They are data, print & mailing.

Data. Drives the message and delivery of your direct mailer. Having up to date, accurate and meaningful data on your customer is key. Experienced direct mail printers should have the capability to analyse your data – and can even buy lists on your behalf.

Print. As always, quality printing is vital. However finding a good printer who can analyse the data (to find mailing savings) and get the best out of customer data can be tricky.

Mailing. Can account for the lion’s share of the cost of a DM project so initial analysis of the data by a printing services company who understands the mailing options is vital.

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