Writing Strategies for Your Article Resource Box

3 Writing Strategies for Your Article Resource Box

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Writing Strategies for Your Article Resource Box. Writing strategies are something we usually think of in terms of large bodies of content but not when it comes to your article resource box! The resource box is suppose to be about the article writer and what it is they are representing. In fact it is the only place mention of either the author or the business is even allowed when you write articles and submit them online. The one challenge here is that the length of the resource box is normally limited to only 3 sentences! Ugh! So obviously it is important to make the best of the space allowed therefore a discussion of writing effective resource boxes is what you are going to be reading here.

Here are 3 points, just 3, you want to target in composing your resource box when you write articles and submit them online.

Natural Extension of Your Article

You have engaged the reader enough with your content that they are interested in looking at your bio so what is next? Simply and briefly introduce yourself as the article writer and share with them something about you that is relevant to your business or the content they have just read. From here and just as briefly, ‘introduce’ something of interest to the reader. It may be your product or even a free gift but your goal is to continue their ‘engagement’ with what it is you are presenting. You want them to click on the link you have made available for them and visit the next page.

Smooth Transition

The key to writing effective bios is to make the ‘transition’ from the article to the resource box as smooth as possible. Your best bet is to not abruptly jump to a completely different subject but instead ‘build’ off the content the person has just viewed. Offer them more of the same of what they have just read since it seems it was interesting enough to them to read your bio.

Call to Action

At the conclusion of your resource box invite and/or instruct the reader to click on your link and take the next step. By now you have already offer further material or even a free gift for them to do so, therefore simply remind them of what they have to do to receive what you have offered. Be clear since they are getting ready to exit the page! Writing Strategies for Your Article Resource Box .

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Writing strategies are necessary for even small bodies of composition such as the resource boxes that are used for online article submissions. The ‘bio’ as it is also commonly refer to, is the only place the article writer can ‘introduce’ themselves or even mention anything about the business they promote. Since this box is limited to just 3 sentences it would seem that when you write articles you have your work cut out for you composing a bio that sells both you and your business. Since space is so limited in the bio, our focus, as mentioned above, should be on those 3 areas which if addressed correctly, will make writing effective resource boxes a breeze. Of course this will result in a higher click through rate to your site and more change in your pocket.

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